Mon April 24, 2017
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Editorial: Wedding party bloodbath


The country we live in has become a land where we survive accidentally as none knows when he is hit by landmines, suicide attack, or mortar shells. We live in a land where life resources are fewer but causes of death are too abundant. None knows when their happiness turns into grief. As a nation, we have seen that a wedding-bound vehicle have struck landmines. And we have seen people celebrating cricket matches while a stray bullet hit someone somewhere and turns the celebration into mourning. We have seen a family is celebrating the arrival of a newcomer (newborn baby) and all of sudden that celebration has turned into bloodbath. We as a nation have seen entire families engulfed by rocket attacks whether the rockets come from across the Durand Line into Kunar province or the mortar shells that turned a wedding party into bloodbath in Helmand just the other day. Therefore, we live by luck. This luck could turn into bad luck within instants. Self-pity is an accepted norm as self-esteem has been stampeded. It’s because when someone is hit by injustice, he will have to buy justice. Haplessness is visible everywhere while happiness is missing. And why it shouldn’t be as we are at war for the past over three decades. The recent incident where over 20 people were killed as mortars hit a wedding party in Helmand province is something which will haunt not only the province but the country for longer is an instance where haplessness, grief, and mourning over take happiness. The official statements hurled before media show what we lack. We lack clarity. We lack responsibility. And we lack sympathy. Those affected by mortars attack say they seek presidential intervention and until President Ashraf Ghani in person visits the locale, we will go on hunger strike. The ill-fated bride, who was also injured and whose wedding party was devastated by a rocket attack, succumbed to her injuries in the hospital. Six Afghan National Army (ANA) troops have been detained in connection with the mortars shelling. The act looks to be the outcome of cunning attempt of the Taliban when they hit at an ANA outpost and then ran away and infiltrated into the wedding party where people were busy in celebration. ANA troops pounded the house with mortars thinking the participants of the wedding were also Taliban who had gathered for a coordinated attack. This is what media portrays. This is the biggest ever human intelligence failure. There should be a serious investigation into the matter as the license to kill should be used responsibly. And the people should know about the cunning and devil face of the militants. Wherever they go they turn to be a curse and inflict harm. To protect the repeat of that dreadful day, we will have to stand united against the Taliban. The government also needs to provide speedy justice to the victims. It’s really hard to forget the pain and the losses of their near and dear ones, but now that it has happen the government should try its best to heal the scars of the tragic incident and soothe the grief and anger of the victims’ families. The government should announce compensation as well. The Taliban should know that the war-weary and peace loving nation has rejected them. They have received this rejection on the day of presidential elections. They should know that they cannot find peace by killing life. If they want peace they should opt for peace negotiations. This macabre slaughter in the wedding party should be an incident for turning enmity into brotherhood, bloodshed into peace. It will be possible only when the Taliban realize their war is misguided because in their war Afghans are the worst losers and victims.


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