Mon April 24, 2017
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Editorial: Land-mining nascent brains


We, as a nation, have been hit by a deadliest and nastiest crescendo of doom. The death and destruction is going on unabated, but with different phases. First it came in the name of fighting the red infidels. Then it came in shape of Muslims on Muslims violence. And recently it hit us in the name of expelling the American infidels. All the phases have been deadliest. Since the day the battle has begun, we have abysmally failed in recognizing our friends and foes and now that the fires of war rage on we have recognized our foes, but unfortunately we have been hit by an unfriendly situation. Time is not in our favor now. Our enemies have created thousands of home-based enemies—who by blood are very much Afghans, but by thinking and mindset very much foreigner—who by will become foreign political tools, while thinking they are serving a great cause, but in reality pushing the nation into a death-well. They plant IEDs. They know who will be killed in these IEDs blasts. They know none will die but Afghans. And despite that they have turned this land into a field of landmines. The merchants of death and destruction have sown them like a farmer sows seeds in his fields, but the lovers of life have defused over 5,000 mines in various areas of Maiwand district in Kandahar province. Imagine just 5,000 landmines only in one district. How many will be in a province? How many provinces are there? And how many districts are there in entirety? A wild estimation indicates there are over two million landmines. And the bloodthirsty vampires are still planting thousands more. They say they are saving the country. They claim they are saviors of the nation. They say they are protectors of Afghan mothers and sisters. And they say they are honorable because they are fighting for the honor of Afghan nation and sanctity of Afghan mothers, sisters and daughters. However, those who stand opposite to them believe the other way. Their opponents (those who believe in peace talks, love this land, and believe in democracy) say they are bloodthirsty therefore they cannot be saviors and protectors. They say because of their war, many Afghan daughters and sisters are beggars, roaming in the street, others doing some menial jobs, then how they could claim they stand for the honor of the nation. The opponents of the Taliban say insurgency is national dishonor. And indeed it is dishonor. Because of their tomfooleries, the nation is under siege. Its national honor stampeded. Where there is national honor, you cannot turn someone’s wedding into a bloodbath. If you are the saviors and messiahs, why because of your wars thousands of women have turned into widows and why poverty has been driving too many people into crimes even at certain times not only crimes but moral crimes as well—a word the Taliban claim they really dislike. Moral crimes are not always spurred by lust for sex but often times it’s poverty-driven. Now where is their honor? A nation’s honor is in peace, integration, tolerance, and unity. Harmony is the only thing that can bind us together, can stand us out. But the insurgents are hell-bent on destroying every sign of development. They are not only planting landmines in our soil, but they are corrupting the souls of our young bloods and land-mining the nascent brains of our children—who usually end up as suicide bombers.


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