Mon April 24, 2017
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Editorial: Insecurity and the closure of schools in Helmand


Education, a weapon being used for changing the world, is unfortunately under militant attack. Why they have taken their aim at our nascent but developing education? Because it is something they are afraid of. Those who want to divest children of the nation of the right to education actually want to clip their wings because a child without education is like a bird without wings. Insecurity in Helmand has caused closure of 119 schools. Of these schools, 77 are situated in northern districts of Helmand province. As many as 193,000 students were enrolled in the schools. It means the future of 193,000 children is at stake. Right now, there are16, 600 schools across the country where 10.5 million students are enrolled, which indeed is a greater change. Being obsessed with the passive but powerful influence of education, the Taliban unleashed the floodgates of terror against the spread of knowledge and wisdom so that they could push this change-loving nation back into darkness. There would be hardly a province where insurgency in one way or the other didn’t affect education. Since the foundation of any sate (country) is the education of its youth, therefore Afghanistan shouldn’t tolerate any attack on education. By creating insecurity and not letting children of the nation to get education, the Taliban actually want to kill the culture of reason and debate as education is a progressive discovery of one’s own ignorance and the ignorance of the society they live in. Education gives them the courage and power to challenge what is unhealthy for society. And the Taliban know it in their bones what is unhealthy for our society. They don’t want our children to know about it. The day our children know about it the same day the Taliban will never get any new recruits.

Destroying schools, killing students, and targeting those who work for education is like destroying Afghanistan. There could be no greater cruelty and disaster to Afghanistan and this nation than destroying its education. The barbaric insurgents know that if all Afghan children become educated then who will join their misguided war, which is nothing but pushing the entire nation into the bondage of slavery of their Punjabi lords. When Punjab is celebrating its youth festivals, and fanfares in colleges and universities, schools are being bombed in Afghanistan. But those who cannot tolerate our progress in education should know that we have made a tremendous development and they will find it near to impossibility to reverse the gains made in education. The more they attack our education the more this nation and its youth feel crave for education. The day is not so far that education in this country will not only be completely immune to the refractory disease of militancy, but it could be a fatal weapon against militants. The gamut of challenges remains significant, but it doesn’t mean they have won or they can make a comeback.  What they could is to arrest the pace of education and development, but cannot completely destroy it. They should accept their defeat and should let education of our children uninterrupted.


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