Mon April 24, 2017
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Public services too frail in Kabul: Survey


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KABUL: The Central Statistics Organization (CSO) in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) on Tuesday released a survey presenting a grim picture of public services delivery in Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan.
According to the survey report “Socio-demographic and Economic Survey” many people still has no access to public services in different parts of Kabul city, despite flow of billions of dollar to Afghanistan in the past decade.
President General of the CSO, Shir Mohammad Jamizada, said that keeping in view the overcrowding population in the capital city, one has to be concerned over lifestyle condition and existing challenge that affect lives of residents.
Speaking at a press conference here he said that many people don’t have access to health services, education, drinkable water and residential plots.
Through the survey information about age, gender, education, literacy, employment, mortality rate and living status were gathered to help the policymakers and uplift schemes’ implementer to launch projects that would bring positive change in lives of common people.
 The survey was carried out in 14 districts of the capital city, covering 3,068 enumeration areas. Finding of the survey revealed that out of 4.2 million estimated Kabul population 51.6 percent are male and 48.4 percent are female. This survey showed that literacy rate for people aged 15 years and above is 55.2 percent, while among youth between the ages of 15-24 it is 70.7 percent. At least, 35.1 percent Kabul population is engaged in economic activities, which means they were engaged in economic activities in the last six months and more. Similarly, 64.1 percent of the population is not engaged in economic activities for the past 12 months, before the survey.
The survey said that one in every four households in Kabul owned some agricultural lands and 22.8 percent householders were living in rented houses in Kabul.
Kabul Governor Abdul Jabar Taqwa termed lack of socio-demography and exact population surveys a major challenge toward implementation of developmental and social plans.
Kabul is the 4th province that covered through the survey. Earlier, such surveys have been conducted in Bamian, Ghor and Daykundi provinces. This survey will be implemented in 34 provinces across the country to provide clear and brief data to policymakers for further development of Afghanistan in the future.


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